Caesarstone Benchtops In Sydney

The Allure of Caesarstone Benchtops Takes Over Sydney Homes!

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Kitchen Caesarstone benchtops Sydney are the ideal way to give your kitchen a fresh and vibrant makeover. The reconstituted stone material is durable, heat and scratch resistant and easy to clean. But Caesarstone has a dark side. Workers who cut the material can breathe in dust with silica crystals and suffer from silicosis. Dry cutting is banned in Queensland and Victoria but the risk remains.

Caesarstone Benchtops Sydney

Caesarstone Benchtops Sydney is a popular choice for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, splashbacks and wall panelling. It is available in a range of different colours and designs and is highly durable. The material is heat, scratch and stain resistant. It also has a non-porous surface, which makes it easy to clean and hygienic.

Each piece of Caesarstone is fabricated and finished using a combination of advanced technology and stonemason expertise. Its reconstituted stone uses up to 93% natural quartz aggregates and is expertly blended with a range of colour pigments and superior polymer resins. This creates an organic surface texture and allows the creation of accurate imitations of various other natural stones.

It is important to use gentle cleaning products on your caesarstone benchtops to maintain their beauty and durability. Dangerous chemicals and cleaners, such as oven and grill cleaners, toilet and dishwasher cleaners and trichlorethane or methylene chlorides should be avoided as they can damage the surface. It is also recommended to not place extremely hot pots, pans and oven trays directly on the benchtops as they may be damaged by sudden temperature changes.

Australian builder and TV personality Scott Cam opted for Caesarstone benchtops and splashbacks in his House Rules home. A carpenter by trade, he is known for his down-to-earth building knowledge and humour.

Types Of Caesarstone Benchtops

Caesarstone kitchen benchtops are durable and attractive, resistant to scratches and stains, and nonporous, making them hygienic. They’re also long-lasting and require little maintenance, but like any countertop material, they need to be protected from extreme heat, hot pans, and sharp objects.

While other surface materials may fit your design vision, they’ll likely require more frequent care to maintain their lustre. For example, many natural stone surfaces can be prone to etching or staining from acids such as lemon juice, coffee, tea, and wine. This can be a major hassle when you’re preparing meals and entertaining guests.

Engineered quartz, which is the most popular choice for kitchen benchtops in Australia, offers a durable surface that’s stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. This makes it an excellent option for busy families. You can choose from a variety of colours to suit your style, and there’s a range of surface finishes available. Some options include a glossy, reflective polished finish, a matte finish that’s smooth to the touch, or a natural concrete aesthetic. Caesarstone offers a residential lifetime warranty on their quartz countertops, covering repairs for etching, scratching, and dulling. This warranty applies to countertops fabricated and installed by an authorized fabricator. This is important, as a stonemason who is not an approved fabricator cannot offer this guarantee.

Caesarstone Benchtops In Sydney

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a kitchen with Caesarstone benchtops is considered to be an upgrade in the value of your property. The brand is known for its premium quartz surfaces for kitchen benchtops, splashbacks and bathroom vanities, wall panelling, furniture and more.

A range of colours and styles are available including popular stone-inspired designs, marble-inspired designs and concrete aesthetic. They come in a variety of finishes, from smooth polished to natural and honed.

Exceptionally heat, stain and scratch resistant, kitchen Caesarstone Benchtops In Sydney are highly durable and long-lasting. They are also easy to clean with non-abrasive cleaners or soap and water. However, it is advisable not to place extremely hot pots or pans directly onto the surface, as it can damage or mark the benchtop. Additionally, avoid using any chemical cleaners that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride as these can damage or dull the sheen on the surface of the benchtops.

While engineered stone is perfectly safe in its installed form, silica can pose a risk to workers who handle the product incorrectly. A number of stonemasons have been diagnosed with silicosis and one was given five to 10 years to live after reaching a settlement in his case in 2019. As such, it’s essential that you consult with your workers about the dangers of working with quartz, including providing them with powered air-purifying respirators (RPE) as well as implementing a comprehensive workplace health and safety program.

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