Barcelona chairs

The Barcelona Chair: A Timeless Fusion of Innovation, Comfort, and Elegance

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In today’s time, we live in a world where humans are urged to think out of the box and we are breaking free from the chains of traditional and stereotypical thinking. This progress is not new and has been ongoing for quite a few decades at a very fast pace.

The ability and fondness of human civilization to evolve into a better and advanced form has always had an impact on surroundings. The boldness and creativeness of human mind can be pin pointed from the living standards throughout the centuries. Sometimes, there are rare occasions which have ever lasting impression on future generations.

One of these instances can be considered as the mark of huge impact in furniture industry; which is 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona. Barcelona chairs was the main highlight of that exhibition. A little info on the history of Barcelona chair; as the event was presided by King and Queen of Spain, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was selected to design the German pavilion for the exhibition.

The mid-century Eames armchair was designed for the comfort of the companions of the royalty and as for the King and Queen themselves, Mies was clever enough to uniquely design special chairs for them and presented them as “Barcelona chairs”.

The unique design of the Barcelona chair features the two steel rods intersected at one point, with two cushions placed for the sitting. Each cushion consisting of 20 small cubical design indulged with button inside.

When cushions were invented, they were specifically manufactured for the royals as a sign of comfort and ease. Thus, the Barcelona chair and stool were designed in such a way that it screams comfort, authority and greatness from every angle.

The quirky pattern of this chair made it the highlight of that exhibition after which the design was readily copied and cheaper versions of Barcelona chair and stool were made with various modifications. Even in today’s time, this chair stands as one of the most expensive chairs ranging from 4000/dollars to 60,000/ dollars. The more antique style of the chair, the more it costs.

Barcelona chairs


Unveiling the Legacy of a Design Masterpiece and Its Modern-Day Relevance

Nowadays, with the trend of minimalistic style getting incorporated in almost every industry. This piece of furniture holds special place in trendy items list. One can pair this chair in office setups, fancy meeting rooms, lounge rooms, luxurious hotels, etc.

The chair occupies space in such a way that does not look too much over sized and neither gives off old weary vibe when placed in a room. From the health perspective, this design also fits in the category of a good sitting. According to chiropractor perspective, this chair fits the definition of the right sitting posture.

When sitting straight or leaning forward, the spinal cord gathers the tension between vertebrae and over a long period of time, this consistent posture gets worse. This becomes the basis of various orthopedic diseases in the older age. But when sitting on this specific chair, the spinal cord maintains its S shape and the body in addition to the muscles coordinates well and ultimately the body feels relaxed.

Considering all of the historical and health outlooks, I considered this chair to be the perfect fit for my study room, which I sometimes also use as my mini office. I bought one for about 700/ dollars at sale from a store on Etsy; which seemed to me a pretty reasonable price.

The comfort can sometimes really cost a good price but it is all worth it in the end when guests compliment me about how perfect the Charles Eames Inspired Lounge Chair fits with the interior design of my study room; all that woody peaky blinder’s theme incorporated with modern yet historical/royal themed furniture.

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