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health insurance agents

The Role of Health Insurance Agents in Diversifying Healthcare Opportunities

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India is going through a remarkable change in the healthcare sector. Although it was just a few years ago when the entire world stood at a standstill due to COVID-19, and some of us are still reeling from the aftereffects of that, today, we stand stronger on the other side of this global pandemic. 

However, several things still need to be taken care of until we are entirely on the other side, such as an increasing number of individuals succumbing to illness and dying either due to lack of proper care and awareness or expensive and inaccessible healthcare. 

There, however, is a solution to this problem. Although not perfect, it offers the much-needed solution to safeguard your and your family’s well-being and health. This is by opting for health insurance that can allow us access to good healthcare without worrying about the money. 

Let us explore the role of insurance agents and insurance in general in diversifying healthcare opportunities.

Who are health insurance advisors?

Health Insurance Agents or Advisors are agents who specialise in Health Insurance. They are responsible for generating new business by advising prospective customers about the right plan. 

An insurance agent health also has a lot of other different roles and responsibilities they fulfill, such as acting as a financial advisor and after-sales customer support, among others. 

There are usually two kinds of agents: Exclusive Agents who represent only a single insurance provider, and Independent Agents who represent several insurance providers. 

What is the role they play in diversifying healthcare opportunities?

If you have gotten insurance, you might have seen several ways by which insurance providers and agents help us by diversifying healthcare opportunities. These are a few ways agents can help you get the best healthcare. 

1. Awareness

Insurance providers conduct drives and events to increase awareness about new diseases or ailments. 

2. Insurance Coverage

Coverage for your ailment can allow you to change or have options on where you wish to get treatment. For example, if you have a better hospital in the network, you can choose to go with them instead of a hospital offering mediocre treatment. 

3. Underserved Areas

Insurance Agents also offer services to underserved areas, such as rural locations, to offer better healthcare options to them. 

4. Cashless Hospital Treatment

Going to a network hospital of an insurer can offer cashless claims, which offers incredible convenience and reduces the burden on the patient.

5. Preventative Healthcare

Insurance providers either conduct routine testing themselves or offer routine testing coverage so that the insured can get an early diagnosis or prevent issues before they settle in. 

6. Gamifying healthy lifestyle

Some insurance providers offer certain rewards for keeping oneself fit—for example, rewards for completing a number of steps in a month or being active. 

How to get Medical insurance?

For people who wish to purchase medical insurance, here are the steps they can take to do so. 

  1. Identify an insurance provider you would like to purchase insurance from
  2. Check out the online plans, compare plans with other insurers, and understand the coverages. 
  3. You can then purchase the plan online or contact the number/request for a callback to speak with an agent. 
  4. An agent can help with the rest of the process and advise you in case of any questions. 
  5. In my case, I have purchased my insurance from Niva Bipa for myself and my entire family, and I go with them for all of my medical insurance needs. 


This is how a health insurance provider or insurance agent health offers unmatched convenience and diversity to insured people with healthcare opportunities. This allows people to look outside, have hope for a brighter future, and be worry-free when getting treatment.

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