Top 7 SAFe Tools for Agile Transformation

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Businesses that want to remain far ahead of the curve in project management are increasingly using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The transition to Agile might be difficult, but it’s easier if you have the necessary resources and plan in place. In order to make it through this change effectively, many businesses enrol their staff in Leading SAFe Training to learn the skills they’ll need. However, tools play an equally critical role in simplifying the process, which in turn helps firms to flourish and stay ahead of the competition. In this blog, we will look at the seven most important Scaled Agile Framework Tools and how they might help facilitate an effective transition to Agile.

Table of Contents

  • SAFe Tools
    • Jira Agile
    • VersionOne
    • Rally (formerly CA Agile Central)
    • Trello
    • Planview LeanKit
    • Targetprocess
    • Microsoft Azure DevOps
  • Ensuring Compliance in the SAFe Environment: A Prerequisite for Success
  • Final Thoughts

SAFe Tools

Following are the seven most common tools used for Agile transformation:

Jira Agile

Jira Agile is the premier tool for SAFe. This software aids teams in the areas of planning, tracking, and managing Agile projects. It allows teams to see how things are going in real-time, which improves communication, work prioritisation, and SAFe compliance.


Another effective solution for Agile and DevOps projects is VersionOne. It streamlines Agile project planning and management, making it easier for businesses to implement Agile at scale. Teams commencing on the SAFe path will find its features helpful, particularly its release planning and backlog prioritisation capabilities.

Rally (formerly CA Agile Central)

Formerly known as CA Agile Central, Rally provides a full-featured environment for managing Agile projects. Provides full-stack visibility, portfolio management, and scalable planning and execution to back up SAFe principles. For Agile transformation projects, it is the tool of choice due to its malleability and versatility.


Trello is a visual board for managing projects that makes it easier to implement Agile processes. Its visual boards and user-friendly interface make it a great alternative for smaller teams or enterprises just starting out on their quest to adopt Agile.

Planview LeanKit

Planview LeanKit combines Lean and Agile practices to speed up the delivery of business value. It facilitates the scaling up of SAFe methodologies like Kanban and Scrum by providing a visual management system that helps teams improve their operations.


Agile project management is made simple with Targetprocess, an adaptable solution that works with the SAFe methodology. Through the use of many distinct Agile approaches, it facilitates the visualisation of work, the planning and prioritisation of features, and the monitoring of progress. Because of its flexibility, it could be used by companies of any size.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps, formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), is an all-inclusive suite of tools for managing and executing all stages of the application development and deployment process. Backlog management, release planning, and continuous integration are just some of the SAFe-friendly features it provides. Azure DevOps allows businesses to easily and effectively simplify their Agile transformation activities.

Ensuring Compliance in the SAFe Environment: A Prerequisite for Success

Compliance during Agile transitions is a significant issue for highly regulated firms. SAFe adoption may make compliance with industry standards, regulations, and business policies challenging. Agile methodologies which meet compliance are essential for risk management and open communication. Many SAFe products include built-in compliance support, helping firms balance speed and compliance.

Issue tracking and flexible workflows in Jira Agile help firms meet regulatory obligations. VersionOne’s Compliance and Traceability module simplifies regulatory process recording and monitoring. Rally (CA Agile Central) helps firms comply with laws through governance and compliance solutions.

For regulated firms, Agile transformations need compliance. SAFe’s compliance solutions let organisations be agile without sacrificing compliance with essential legislation. Let us conclude with one last thought about SAFe resources.

Final Thoughts

Effectively navigating the complicated terrain is essential before setting out on an Agile transformation path. The correct Scaled Agile Framework tools help speed up the implementation process once your staff have received top-notch SAFe training. Each tool has distinct advantages that may help your company achieve its Agile transformation objectives, whether you opt for Jira Agile for its powerful project management features or Trello for its ease of use. You can be successful with Agile by using the technologies that work best for your requirements and goals.

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