Top Common Interior Decoration Mistakes You should Avoid

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An aesthetic living room décor requires much more than a beautiful color scheme and luxury furniture. There are several other factors to consider as well, including placement, proportion, and balance.

Not sure what is right for your living room décor? You must know about some of the common living room décor mistakes that homeowners tend to make and how you can steer well clear of these errors. Here are some for you to note down:

Rug That is Too Small

Great, impressive rugs can be beautiful decoration house items in your living room. It grounds your living room furniture. Moreover, in an open-plan living space, it helps in defining the entire area. 

One of the most common mistakes that individuals make while purchasing a rug is selecting one that is too small for both the furniture and the entire room. A rug that is too small will sit separately from the furniture in the room décor, making your living space appear uninviting and disjointed. 

It is recommended to measure up the living room and the core furniture pieces before you hit the online store. Ideally, the rug you select should be spacious enough to allow the important furniture pieces to sit comfortably on top of it. 

Sofa That is Too Small or Big

Selecting a sofa or couch with the wrong scale for your living space is the biggest blunder you can make. It is crucial to understand that a sofa will usually appear to be quite different in overall size once it is delivered to your house and in the living area.

The overall color scheme can also have a major impact on how large the furniture piece appears. A dark-toned sofa with a skirt going to the ground might appear quite bulky or even imposing in a small-sized living room area. 

You should measure up your living room beforehand along with other existing furniture in the room. Always begin with a dedicated floor plan to ensure the right proportion and scale of the furniture piece in your space. Then, choose the right style of sofa. 

Poor Lighting

Even with the best interior layout and decorative flow, poor lighting can ultimately ruin the overall appearance and feel of the living room area. Usually, the issue comes down to either too little or too much light, and the lack of options to make use of the available space for different occasions. 

Aim at creating a layered, smart lighting scheme in your living area featuring multiple light sources, including floor and table lamps, ceramic pendants, and up or downtights. Set them on different dimmers and you can effectively alter the lighting levels as well as mood to set the occasion. 

A layered indoor lighting scheme will allow you to make use of the available space for different tasks without disrupting the other members of the family. There are three types of indoor lighting you would like to consider, ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. 

Squashed-up Furniture Against the Wall

Pushing all your important furniture pieces up against the wall is another common interior decoration mistake homeowners make. You would often come across rooms wherein the sofa is against a wall and set chairs against the other. In this case, the coffee table is left stranded in the room wherein nobody is able to reach out. As a result, you get a dull living room décor, feeling like a waiting room area.

The arrangement that will work the best for your living area will ultimately depend on the overall size and shape of the space. You can consider putting the sofa or couch against the wall, along with a pair of armchairs opposite to the sofa and a coffee table strategically positioned between them. On the other hand, if you have a spacious living room area, you can consider placing the furniture close to the middle of the space with ample space to move around the same.

Television Being the Room’s Focus

The television is a major ruin for most living room decorative inspirations. Most homeowners end up choosing an oversized television unit that appears too big for the existing space. Then, they would center all core furniture pieces around the TV unit not considering that the living area is meant for having conversations as well.

The television might be an integral part of the living room décor. However, you can still take away the focal point from it while enhancing the living room décor. A built-in cabinetry with dedicated shelves is a great way to withdraw attention from the TV unit while concealing it all together. 


With the right living room décor ideas and essential decorative items placed within the area, you can create a stunning space that appears both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Get top-class inspiration from must-have décor items at a high-end online décor store like Pure Home and Living. 

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