Top Fintech App Development Companies in South Africa

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The Fintech industry has witnessed massive growth in recent years as the Finance and Banking sectors are revolutionizing their operations to offer a better customer experience. The Fintech app development companies are helping Finance businesses develop and deploy their custom solutions and offer users convenience to use and manage money.

The sharp rise in the Fintech industry has made it hard to identify the best Fintech app development companies. Therefore, our team of professionals has evaluated hundreds of companies and handpicked the best Fintech app development service providers.

All the companies listed below carry extensive proficiency in developing end-to-end Finance and payment applications for banks and finance companies. They also have a proven track record of developing secure and robust Fintech applications.

List of Top 5 Fintech App Development Companies

Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution has managed to rank first on our list of Top Fintech app development companies by having a team of highly skilled developers, finance domain experts, creative designers, and experienced QA testers. On top of that, the company also stays updated with the technological advancements to be able to design, develop, and deploy innovative Fintech solutions. Octal IT Solution also offers maintenance and support post-deployment to ensure the smooth functioning of their solution.

Headquarters – Florida, USA

Establishment Year – 2007

Pricing –$25 to $49

Team Size – 50 to 249

Key Services – Fintech App Development Services, Android App Development, iOS App Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Chief Clients – IBM, BMW, Pressarea, Mozzaa, Oricom

Groovy Technoweb Pvt. Ltd.

Groovy Technoweb Pvt. Ltd

Groovy Technoweb is quite famous for its Fintech app development services. It has been developing custom solutions for multiple businesses across various domains, including Baking and Finance. The company works closely with its clients to better understand business requirements and develop a custom solution accordingly. Groovy Technoweb also leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to automate financial processes.

Headquarters – Nadiad, India

Establishment Year – 2015

Pricing –Less than $25

Team Size – 50 to 249

Key Services – Custom Software Development, E-commerce Development, IT Managed Services, Web Development, Fintech App Development

Chief Clients – Jive Market, Swiss Skyways, XtraRecharge, Maji Masseuse, BowlersMart



Yellow has been helping Finance companies in adapting Fintech products and helping them meet the industry standards. It has been helping its finance clients to enhance security, efficiency, and customer experience. The squad of developers at Yellow is proficient in everything from website wireframing to trading platform development. The company offers best-in-class Fintech solution development services to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to big enterprises.

Headquarters – San Francisco, CA, United States

Establishment Year – 2015

Pricing –$50 to $99

Team Size – 50 to 249

Key Services – Data Science, AI Development, Chatbot Development, UX/UI Design, Fintech app development services

Chief Clients – Fusion Markets, Notion Digital, Open Audience, Bionorica, Famlicious Inc.

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BlueLabel Labs

BlueLabel Labs

Another top Fintech app development company on our list is BlueLabel Labs. The company takes pride in having developed hundreds of custom applications for businesses and becoming a part of their success story. Founded in 2009, BlueLabel Labs has collaborated with businesses across various sectors, including Banking and Finance. The finance domain experts and developers work together to develop a robust and unique application that meets business requirements and industry standards.

Headquarters – New York, USA

Establishment Year – 2009

Pricing –$100 to $149

Team Size – 50 to 249

Key Services – Application Management and support, Application Testing, Product Design, Fintech app development, UX/UI Design

Chief Clients – Bloomberg News, Fender, PayPal, Fender, Microsoft



Last but not least, Uptech is a leading Ewallet app development company with years of experience. The company has been diligently designing, developing, and deploying Fintech solutions that bring some value to customers. Uptech conducts product discoveries to identify the needs and pains of users. Moving forward, they plan, design, and develop Fintech solutions accordingly. The company also offers support and maintenance to timely upgrade the solution according to industry standards.

Headquarters – Gdynia, Poland

Establishment Year – 2016

Pricing –$25 to $49

Team Size – 50 to 249

Key Services – Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Enterprises App Modernization, Fintech app development services, Web Development

Chief Clients – Yaza, Rivals, Sprent, GOAT, Drone Base  

How much does Fintech App Development Cost?

Defining the cost of Fintech app development is quite complicated as it hinges on multiple factors like developers’ origin, tech stack, features, app idea, app complexity, etc. Therefore, we suggest you get in touch with any leading Fintech app development company to get an estimate of the development cost.

However, the formula for calculating the Fintech app development cost is multiplying developers per hour cost by the number of hours required for app development. Anyways, the point to remember is that developers’ per-hour cost can vary depending upon their location, and hours needed for developing a Fintech application can only be concluded after evaluating the app idea.

Check the table mentioned below to get an idea of how developers per hour cost can vary.

Country Developer’s Per Hour Cost
Canada $38 to $63
Hungary $20 to $50
Switzerland $25 to $60
Columbia $30 to $50
Morocco $25 to $40
India $20 to $35


Final Analysis

We are ending this article with the hope that it will help you finalize the best Fintech app development company. You can also get in touch with any of the companies mentioned above to get free consultancy where you are app idea will be discussed by professionals with a realistic approach. As the economy grows cashless and contactless, the need for fintech app developers is rising and if you have an app idea, connect with the right team to turn it into a working reality soon!


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here’s what our fintech app developers are often asked!

    1. Which company is best for Fintech app development services?

Octal IT Solution is the best Fintech app development service provider as they have a team of proficient developers, finance domain experts, and their hands-on cutting-edge technologies.

    1. How to choose the best Fintech app development company? 

To choose the best Fintech app development company, you can consider points like experience, expertise, pricing, tech stack, portfolio, reviews, and rating.

    1. What are the five key technologies in Fintech?

Here are five significant technologies leveraged for developing robust Fintech solutions.

    • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
    • ML (Machine Learning)
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Application Programming Interface
    • Cybersecurity
    • Blockchain

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