Top Fun Websites to Kill Your Boredom Online in 2023

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This article is for you if you have reached the stage where scrolling Facebook, Instagram, or binging movies and web series on OTT platforms does not help you kill time. Here, we will discuss the Top 5 AI websites to cure boredom; a user can spend hours on these fun, time-killing websites.

Our team has handpicked all the websites mentioned below after thorough testing. Let’s jump straight on the list of Top 5 AI websites to kill boredom without wasting another minute.

Top 5 Fun/Cool AI Websites to Kill Boredom 2023

Shadow Art

All of us have made shadow animals at least once in our childhood. It is an ancient method of storytelling practiced in China. Shadow Art is an AI-powered tool that helps users practice and make twelve sorts of zodiac animals. It provides an outline that the user should match to create shadow art. The website uses Machine Learning algorithms for identifying hand movement and turns it into shadow art in real time.


Another name on our list of Top 5 AI websites to cure boredom is Akinator. It is a mind-reading application that can predict the name of a celebrity or fictional character in your mind. The genie first asks you to think of a popular name and then further asks you Multiple Choice Questions around it to guess the name on your mind. It leverages diverse datasets and Machine Learning algorithms to narrow the search criteria and amaze you by predicting the correct answer.

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Talk to Books

If you want to kill some time while doing something meaningful, then “Talk to Books” is the right choice. It is a search engine that leverages NLP (Natural Language Processing) to search 1,00,000+ books to find the correct answer to your query. It has a simple and user-friendly user interface. Being creative with your prompts can help you generate unique responses.


Another leading AI-powered website to cure boredom is VoxBox. It is an AI Voice Generator and voice Cloning tool that can dub your text into speech in the voice of famous celebrities and fictional characters. It currently has a long list of 3200+ celebrities and character voices to pick from, including Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Batman, and many more. The software utilizes Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for translating text into realistic voiceovers.

Democreator AI Avatar

Last but not least, Democreator AI Avatar is one of the Top 5 AI websites to Remove boredom. This application lets its users generate fun and realistic digital avatars of themselves. The applications leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to track body posture, structure, movements, and lip-sync to create a real avatar of an individual.


Imgur is one of the Top 7 AI websites to cure boredom. It gathers the most popular images of the week from around the globe and makes it accessible for its users. It is one of the best picks for the times when you just want to scroll mindlessly to have fun.
The fact that it is more timely than other social platforms is what makes it superior. Here, you can find the funniest pictures and memes before it goes viral on social platforms.

The Onion

If you are the one who is into reading, then this website is for you. The Onion is an online satirical newspaper that you can read to have a good laugh.
This newspaper started back in 1988, and since it has successfully maintained the humor standards. The headlines published in the newspaper are hilarious, for example – “Economy Collapses after 10-year old Boy Spends Entire U.S. GDP on Fortnite skins, Pros and Cons of Impeaching Joe Biden.

Summing Up

These were some of the Top fun websites to cure boredom you can visit and have a good time with. Our team has tested and verified all the applications based on reviews, ratings, functionality, etc. You can also check out the best 5 fun websites to kill boredom in 2023 to have more options to choose from.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

 1. What is the best AI website to cure boredom?

All the websites mentioned above are AI-powered, and people are having a great time using it. However, Akinator is currently outperforming every other website as it has a unique concept, and people are amazed at its mind-reading capabilities.

2. How do I get rid of boredom online?

A person can visit multiple websites and applications to get rid of boredom. Here are the names of the top 5 AI websites to cure boredom.

·         Shadow Art

·         Akinator

·         Talk to Books

·         VoxBox

·         Democreator AI Avatar

3. How does AI help cure boredom?

The AI algorithms are used to analyze the users’ preferences and behavior; after that, personalized content is recommended to engage users.

Is the content on AI websites free to access?
Not every AI website is free. Anyhow, most of the websites offer free content to their users and help them cure boredom online.

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