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Tour Packages To Discover The Beauty Of Leh Ladakh

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Anybody could be tempted to leave the rest of the world if they travelled here! A visit to this oasis, which is perched high in the Indian Himalayas, is an experience of a special type and can satisfy all of your demands for an adrenaline rush.


While the majority of vacationers, newlyweds, nature lovers, and history buffs often reserve one of the numerous available Leh Ladakh tour packages, adventure seekers create their own Leh Ladakh itineraries. You can carefully craft your itineraries, with the help of the plan given below, which will assist you in planning your trip to Leh Ladakh.


People who are too giddy and eager to discover Leh’s beauty may find themselves engrossed in its streets, where they can mingle with locals and other tourists. The best thing to do is to visit the neighbourhood market and take a wander around. Return to your hotel once you are at ease and make plans for the following day.


This magnificent voyage will receive a Midas touch from the presence of caring people, enough wool clothing, and the required medications. Remember that, aside from BSNL and Airtel connections, the majority of mobile networks aren’t functional at such high altitudes. 


Your relationships with your friends and family may suffer as a result, and we can really spend more time taking in the natural beauty around us rather than staring at our phones. The restrictions on cell networks are beneficial for ambitious travellers in certain ways.


Time to Visit


The best months to visit this magical area are between June and September, when the weather is at its best. Leh Ladakh is a popular dream destination for most of the travellers. In the remaining months, in addition to the weather, the roads are closed because of severe weather, such as heavy snowfall and road blocks. People arrive in Leh with very high expectations, and Leh never disappoints.

Plan to Explore Leh


  • Start your journey to Nubra Valley, a breath taking beautiful place with parallel mountains and huge lengths of road in between. Bikers will cross your vehicles and wave to you, giving the atmosphere a magical touch. Your journey is made more exhilarating by the steep curves and occasionally one-way highways. 


This route to Nubra will be filled with detours and occasionally closed highways. The Khardungla Pass, the highest motorable pass in the world, whis is at a height of almost 18,000 feet is the main intersection on this road. At the Khardungla pass, you can pause for a cup of coffee or tea and some of their most treasured photo opportunities. 


The journey continues, and this is where the most wonderful parts of your journey begin. If you have a few more hours to spare, you’re lucky to get to see the mountains in all three light conditions: morning, evening, and night. To take in the grandeur of the sand dunes and the surrounding mountains, there are motels and camp tent options. 


The setting was perfect for photography enthusiasts to capture the exquisite beauty; it was a wonderful experience. Make sure you have enough woollen clothes, as the desert climate is very predictable.


  • The magnificence of the Pangong lake in front of you will astound you. People are appreciating the beauty of the lake at this calm point in time, oblivious to the darkness that is encroaching. If you enjoy the outdoors, don’t pass up the opportunity to spend the night in one of the lake’s tented camps and soak up the scenery both during the day and at sunrise. 


Of course, you should dress warmly. Additionally, it is true that the lake is stunning at all times of day. The mystical beauty of the location is striking the riders, as seen by their reluctance to leave. However, it is safe to begin the journey from the lake back to Leh while the Sun is up as the road could become enigmatic at night.


  • Again, the trip from Leh to Delhi through Srinagar is enjoyable. Continue travelling while conversing with the mountains on either side. Pass through Sonmarg, Kargil, and the Sojila Pass. In contrast to other places, Srinagar has a lot more to offer. 


When you enter Srinagar, the Dal Lake greets you and you can choose to spend a few hours or an entire day on one of the traditional and beautiful houseboats. Enjoy shopping in the floating market, which is the speciality of this place. If you go to the market, there are many alternatives to buy something that is not available where you live. 


  • At last you can get back to your home from here by any mode of transportation of your own choice. 


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