What Are the Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Double Decker Exhibition Stand?

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When a multitude of exhibit stands were grabbing the attention of the potential audience on the crowded show floor, making your brand recognizable could be challenging! Double decker exhibition stands are best when it comes to highlighting your company’s portfolio amidst the competition. These booths are also known as two-story exhibits. When these stands are coupled with interactive graphics and are aligned perfectly with the brand could significantly make your trade show successful.

In this blog, we will look out for the benefits of double-decker booths and the best tips to keep in mind while choosing a double-decker stand. In the end, we have also helped you to clear your every confusion about these exhibits.


Create a strong impression with double-decker exhibition booths:

If you aim to leave a strong impression on the audience, then double-decker exhibits could be your perfect solution as these booths are easily noticeable for their sizes, flooring, architecture, and unique designs.

Usage of space:

Double-decker stands have two tiers, with which the upper tier can be used for all types of meetings and the ground floor can be used for showcasing the products. In this stand, you can spend quality networking time in the same time when so much buzz is going on.

Easy to spot on the crowded exhibitions:

Double-decker booths are easily noticeable because they are expanded in an upward direction. As these booths can be easily noticed by attendees, they drive traffic and make your brand stand out on the show floors.

Maximizing branding:

A double-decker stand is the first line of preference of exhibitors when it comes to effective branding, engaging audience, interactivity, catching attention, and product display. With these exhibits, you can easily utilize the available space in multiple ways like you have big space for highlighting the brand name in large fonts and welcoming the audience for private meetings, product demos, interactivity, and making deals.


The double-decker exhibition stand gives flexibility in using too many creative ideas and captivating graphics. Therefore, you have the best chance to enhance your brand recognition and portray your brand as a knowledgeable leader in the industry. As you know brand image is one thing that retains customers and brings high ROI for exhibitors, so exhibiting with a double-story stand makes the audience feel that you must be a trusted brand.


Planning to choose a double-decker exhibition stand then consider these tips before choosing a double-decker stand:


Hiring the best exhibition stand builder:

Double-decker exhibits seem to be a perfect solution for creating great impressions on the visitors, however, there is a strong need to choose the right exhibition stand contractor who could design a bespoke booth that meets your requirements. At Triumfo International GmbH, they create engaging double exhibit designs infused with interactive technologies so choose a builder like them.

Hiring a good contractor could ensure the creation of a strong customer base, making a lasting impression, and lead generation. Professional stand builders are experts in creating tailored exhibits that help you to get impeccable results.


Do not underestimate the role of double-decker exhibition stand design:        

When you are thinking of using a double-decker stand, try to choose an exhibition stand builder who manufactures an impeccable range of exhibits.  Try to have a display that is equipped with pre-engineered decks, and non-slip stairs coupled with engaging graphics to match your branding requirements.

A well-designed double-decker exhibition stand will create a strong impact in the exhibition halls and increase your chances of entertaining and discussing with your clients.


Why you must choose double-decker exhibition stands?

If you are still confused about choosing the double-decker stands then choosing these booths could be your smartest choice. These stands maximize the space, engage the audience, and make your brand STAR at the event. Exhibiting with such could seriously help you in utilizing the available space.

Another advantage of choosing the two-story stands is that you can organize different types of activities all at once at different segments like fun zones, meeting spaces, and business discussions. This will help you to engage too many visitors at once. Although the installation of double-decker exhibits seems complex these booths are designed for easy setup, so you can focus only on your clients.

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