What Can You Do with an ADU?

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An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a secondary housing unit located on the same lot as a primary residence. ADU homes in San Diego are becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners seek to maximize their living space or generate extra income by renting out additional units.

Do you have an ADU on your property? If so, what kind of benefits do you see in having one? Here are some of the most common benefits:

  1. Increased Property Value

ADUs often carry an alternative price tag. It’s because ADUs are viewed as an amenity rather than a necessity by prospective buyers. Beyond personal use or rental purposes, building code changes in many cities now allow owners to sell off ADUs separately from their main house, making them excellent investment opportunities. It adds value to not just your property but also your portfolio.

Generating Rental Income

Another valuable use of ADUs is generating rental income. For homeowners who live in areas with high demand for rentals, renting out their accessory dwelling units can provide a significant source of passive income that helps offset mortgage payments and other expenses associated with owning property. In some cases, homeowners may choose to rent out both their primary residence and the ADU simultaneously.

  1. Improved Counter Space

Counter space is often hard to come by in standard apartments and condos. However, it’s usually abundant in an ADU. It’s due to the extra space that is required for fittings such as sinks and cooktops.

  1. More Privacy

One of the most common uses for ADUs is to provide separate living quarters for family members, such as elderly parents, adult children, or guests. It allows for increased privacy and independence while still providing proximity and support. Most people want privacy when they’re living in an apartment or condo, but this isn’t always possible in communal settings like traditional buildings. With an ADU, you get your dedicated unit with its entrance and exit.

  1. Easy Jump on the Housing Market

If you decide to sell your home in the future, an ADU can make your property look much more appealing to potential buyers. Simply by adding on an ADU, you can increase its value by up to 50%.

  1. Flexible Use

An ADU can be used for anything from Storage to Office Space to Secondary Living Quarters – your imagination is the limit! You can use it as a home office during daytime hours and use it as a bedroom at night if necessary. You have multiple choices with your ADU, such as home offices, studios, workshops, or hobby rooms that offer a dedicated space away from distractions where work and creative projects can thrive.

  1. Conveniently Located

An ADU is often conveniently located near popular shops and restaurants – perfect for those who want easy access to amenities without having to live onsite. You can also benefit from lower real estate taxes since an ADU is considered a second residence rather than a primary dwelling unit.


To conclude, there are a host of benefits when it comes to having/accessing/utilizing/renting/selling/buying/lending/leasing/maintaining investing in one’s own/other people’s accessory dwelling units which range from personal comfort needs to contribute towards the greater prospects and the social welfare of the society.

If you insist, ADU Contractors San Diego may send their representatives to inspect your property and offer you unique ideas for creating and utilizing your ADU for long-term benefits.

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