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Who earns more: taxi driver or Uber?

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Anyone who chooses a profession as a driver is usually faced with the question of who earns more, taxi driver or Uber, right? After all, if you’re going to work, you want to do something to generate the most significant financial benefit.

Thus, first of all, it is essential to emphasize that there are differences that go beyond the economic aspect – for example, in worker protection. However, the focus today is on recipes. So, who earns more: taxi driver or Uber?In this article specifically we are discussing with respect to term of England UK.

How much does a taxi driver earn?

To start answering whether taxi drivers or Uber earn more, talk about taxi drivers. This is one of the best-known professions in the world, so this service exists in practically every country.

In England, there are procedures and licenses required to be a taxi driver. This aims to ensure safety for both the professional and passengers. Therefore, for business taxis, for example, it is crucial to maintain an excellent quality standard.

That said, among the primary needs is a driving license, which in this case is type B. In addition, you need to take a professional course and then understand your municipality’s legal requirements.

After that, the taxi driver can start working. In this case, some specialized websites carry out estimates. Thus, taxi drivers, for example, estimate that the minimum amount is usually around 1,600 £ per month, with an average of approximately 2,100£ and reaching just over3,000 £ per month.

How much does an Uber earn?

Continuing with the question of who earns more, taxi driver or Uber, it’s time to talk about the second, the Uber professional. Here, however, the issue is a little more complex due to the nature of the work of this type of driver.

Labor security is generally lower, meaning you must be more protected by legislation. In addition, as the driver determines how much he will work, there is also a variation in relation to the number of hours that each one chooses.

Still, there are relatively accurate estimates. Some experts point out that if you work 8 hours a day, 22 days a month, you can earn approximately 2,200.00£, discounting some car costs, which you must pay.

Therefore, this figure already includes factors such as IPVA, insurance, and an estimate of fuel. This value can also be proportional to the number of hours. So, you might earn half of that on average if you work half the time.

However, it is also worth noting that there is a significant fluctuation in values. Therefore, the gain tends to be greater in larger cities, such as large metropolises. Furthermore, the late afternoon and early evening periods can be more profitable.

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Who earns more, taxi driver or Uber?

As you have seen, the answer to who earns more, taxi driver or Uber, is complicated. So, although several factors can change the values, the gains can generally be similar.For example taxi from oldham to manchester Airport cost 20% more than a uber taxi which means taxi is some how expensive and independent.

However, it should be noted that the taxi driver’s service tends to be more qualified, especially in the case of a corporate taxi. Therefore, by passing specific qualifications, this professional is usually more prepared.

Therefore, another interesting factor is that there are usually more accessible taxis for older people and wheelchair users than Uber. Therefore, these vehicles need to be prepared with specific guidelines, which, as a rule, only a specialized taxi will have.

However, regardless of your choice, know that factors such as the quality of service are crucial. Therefore, invest in a good relationship with your customer, the quality of your driving, and safety (yours and your passenger).

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