Why Can’t I Connect to Rockspace_ext SSID?

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I am facing issues in connecting to my Rockspace WiFi extender’s network. I can’t get connected to its network using the SSID Rockspace_ext. What should I do? If you also can not connect to your extender’s WiFi using its SSID, then you need to apply some troubleshooting tips. There are many reasons responsible for why you are stuck with your WiFi connection. We have talked about all of them in this post along with their solutions.

How to Fix Rockspace Extender WiFi Connectivity Issue?

First of all, make sure that you are within the network range of the extender. See if the device on which you are trying to connect is within the WiFi range of the extender. Come a little closer and then try to connect.

After that, if you still face issues, then confirm the following things:

Is Your Extender Connected to Well Working Power Outlet?

The extender must be receiving a consistent electricity supply to perform optimally. If you cannot connect to its network name then one reason for this could be that the extender is not powered up properly.

Using an alternative power socket may be helpful in supplying stable electricity to your extender you can also use a UPS.

Have You Connected the Devices Properly?

Another reason why you can’t connect to the extender’s network is that the connections are shaky. If the extender-router connection is not stable then you can’t connect to the extender’s network. Why because the router serves as the input device for the extender. So, faulty connections between these two devices can be problematic.

We suggest you check the cable that you have used to connect the devices. Replace it if required and make sure it is well in place.

Now, there are chances that the devices are connected wirelessly. In such an event, you should examine the distance separating the two devices. Bring them a little closer if the extender is placed out of the router’s range.

Can You Connect Any Other Device to its Network?

You should try connecting an alternative device to the Rockspace extender’s WiFi. In case other devices can connect and you are facing the issue with only one deivce, then check the settings of that specific device.

Did You Check Firmware Updates?

One more potential cause for not being able to the extender’s WiFi is that its firmware is not upgraded. If you haven’t updated your extender in recent times, then check for its updates right now. However, to update your extender, you should log in to it. And logging in is not possible without connecting to its network.

We recommend using a LAN cable to connect the extender to the PC to join its network. Now you can log in and reach Rockspace WiFi extender set up and get your Rockspace WiFi extender updated to the latest firmware version.

The Problem Still Exist? We Got You Covered

Perform a Power Cycle

Turn off the Rockspace extender and the host router and let them rest for some time. After that, power them up and try to connect to the extender’s WiFi on your device.

Reset the Extender

If you are still facing connectivity issues with your Rockspace extender, then you need to reset it and restore the factory settings on it. Press the Rest button using a sharp object. You need to push and hold it for some time. As soon as you release the button the WiFi range extender will be running on the default values.

Now, access the Rockspace extender setup page on your computer and perform the setup once again.


We are sure you can now connect to your Rockspace extender’s WiFi using its network name or SSID without any trouble. See to it that you are placing the extender in an interference-free location in your home. However, the extender should sit within the range of the router.

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