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Why Does My Cat Run Away from Me?

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Along with being pets, cats are also a wild species. So it is no wonder that many cats run away from strangers, in particular out of doors their homes, due to the fact they feel threatened by people. However, owners are frequently amazed if their cat runs away from them.

So, allow us to discover the reason why cats run away from their owners.

Why is my cat running and hiding from me?

First, it’s vital to not forget that each cat has an extraordinary personality. Some cats are shy, some are scared, some are wild, etc they become like this due to some of their past experiences. Cats who are fearful may have experienced something in their past that makes them scared. Some cats are not able to socialize with people during the first weeks of life.

There is no secret anymore that cats carry independent behavior and even the most kith and kin cat also enjoys its independence. You have to no longer ever try and intensify your cat to like or pick them up, in addition to having to no longer thrash them for strolling away from you. These types of things simply make their scenario worse.

So, here are some reasons that may help you to find the reason why your cat runs away from you.

Injury or illness

If your cat suddenly starts running away from you, then it is a sign of something very serious. Being wild creatures, cats have herbal intuition strength to shield themselves while they’re injured or sense unwell. In these kinds of situations, they try to find a place to hide from their owner. If your cat behaves like that then you should book an appointment with a qualified veterinary doctor as soon as possible.

Fear or worry

You will be surprised to know that cats get worried very quickly. They have the ability to keep it hidden until you figure it out yourself. If your cat is worried, it will try to run away from you. There are certain reasons that make your cat worried or stressed like making changes in the home interior, someone from outside coming into the house, or a new cat at the neighbor’s house. Similarly, a traumatic incident may additionally have induced your cat to sense extra worry than common like an unpleasant fight with other cats.


Just like humans, every cat has its own unique personality. Some cats have a playful nature but at the same time, some cats carry shyness in their nature. Similarly, a few cats do not want to be picked up, however a few revel in it well. There are some cats who get annoyed so easily such as noise, disturbance, etc. as a result they may run away from you if you make noise to disturb them.


Remember that cats have also emotions just like normal human beings have, and these emotions fluctuate. Sometimes they simply want a while to be alone. At that time you should not disturb them, just keep them alone and let them enjoy their company. If you try to pick them up they will run away from you.


There will be times when your cat will want to play with you. They wanted to run away from you and take you behind them, so they could play with you. You will have to know this behavior of your cat yourself. Also, get some toys to make your cat playful.

How do I make my cat trust me?

Every cat owner wants to try that their cat will not run away and build a beautiful relationship with them. But at the same time, you can’t force them to do that. The trust-building process will take time. The main and key element of trust building is to create a safe space and spread a lot of positive vibes so that they can feel comfortable with you.


Never pressure your cat to be near you and additionally keep away from choosing them up forcefully. They don’t like that behavior of you. Instead of that, let them take the initiative to come close to you. Just try to understand their body language and keep things sorted in starting. One extra aspect that you want to recognize is to try to avoid annoying your cat when they’re eating, sleeping, or the usage of the clutter tray. If you continue to do this manner, you frustrate them and worsen the situation.

Safe space

Cats have some advantages because they have a flexible body to hide themselves in several places. These places are generally out of your reach like under the bed, behind the cupboard, etc. These random places are the safe spaces of your cat. Don’t force your cats to get out of their safe spaces. These kinds of gestures will help them to build their trust in you and get them comfort.

Positive support

Just remember, no longer punish your cat for strolling away from you. Your screaming sound and frustration will make them fearful of you only. On the other side, positive support or approach will work for you. When your cat allows you to come close to them, try to give them their favorite treat and pamper them. This is something that will help your cat to fall in love with you.


When your cat starts running away from you and behaving strangely, then first of all you need to book an appointment quickly and go to a checkup with your veterinarian. This will help you to find out whether your cat is ill, injured, or something else. Secondly, try to give your cat a healthy environment and comfort as much as possible, and also avoid forcing them to come close to you. We just hope that this information will help you to know why your cat ran away from you.


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