Yoga for Fibroid Management: A Holistic Approach to Treatment
Yoga for Fibroid Management: A Holistic Approach to Treatment

Yoga for Fibroid Management: A Holistic Approach to Treatment

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Fibroids are a serious problem in women. About 70% of women develop fibroids within the uterus during their lifetime. Uterine fibroids can make your life difficult, causing symptoms such as pain, severe menstrual periods, and pelvic cramps. MedlinePlus states that approximately one in five women develop uterine fibroids, a type of non-cancerous tumour, in their childbearing years. There are many ways to cure fibroids naturally or prevent them in natural ways and one of them is yoga, yoga is a good treatment option for fibroids treatment. Let us know in detail the yoga asanas for fibroid treatment. Please join the 200 hour yoga teacher traning india for the best course in your career.


Due to fibroids:-

The main causes of uterine fibroids are not yet known. However, some research has suggested reasons such as hormonal imbalances in the balance of estrogen and progesterone, genetic factors in someone in your family having fibroids, and age due to age, it is most common after the age of 30. Dietary intake of red meat increases the risk of fibroids. And overweight women have a higher tendency to have uterine fibroids.


Symptoms of fibroids

If fibroids are very large, they can cause a great deal of discomfort. Symptoms of fibroids include unexplained pain, difficulty urinating, constipation or flatulence, pain during intercourse, pain in the back of the thighs, infertility, etc.


Fibroid treatment in yoga

Fibroids can also be treated through yoga asana. Let us know some yoga asanas in detail for this-


1. Supta Buddha Konasana for Uterus Fibroid Treatment –

If you experience more menstruation and pain as your fibroid symptoms then Supta Buddha Konasana can help you, it is great for stimulating the abdominal organs, bladder and kidneys and is a great way to do this asana. For this, first of all, by laying a yoga mat in a clean place, sit with both legs straight, turn both legs towards you and join the claws with the toes of both feet, now Slowly bend backwards and your back Lay the floor on the floor then relax your hands along your body and you can also press on your thighs to deepen the stretch in your legs and hips.


2. Fibroid Treatment in Yoga Supta Virasana –

In Uterine Fibroid Treatment you can do Supta Virasana Yoga asanas, These are quite beneficial asanas and it is important to note that this pose is an intermediate yoga asana and should be practiced only if you are already able to do Hero Pose. In this asana, the buttocks sit on the floor between the legs. For Supta Virasana, first of all, lay down a yoga mat and sit on your knees on it. Take both hands up and join them. Now lean back and lie down on the floor. Do it according to your ability and then come out of the posture.


In this way, women can use Supta Virasana Yoga in fibroid treatment.


3. Yoga Janu Shirshasana for Fibroid Treatment –

Janushirshasana yoga calms the mind. This asana softens the hard abdominal tissues and can prevent fibroids, to do Janushirshasana, you sit on a clean place with both legs straight in front of you by laying a yoga mat, now bend your right leg to the left. Put your feet on the thigh and raise both your hands up, stand straight, now tilt your upper body down towards the left leg and grab the toes of the left foot, then place your head on the knee of the left leg. Staying in this posture, breathe 5 to 10 times.


4. Yoga Bharadvajasana Twist to Cure Fibroids –

Bharadvajasana Twist Yoga tones the spine and opens up the abdominal organs. To do this asana, you first sit on a yoga mat with both your legs straight in front of you, then bend your left leg and bend it. Keep the outer side from the left leg, then bend your right leg and place it on the left thigh, now Hold your right hand from behind the back to the right toe and press the left hand under the knee of the right leg and some After a while repeat the same action with the other leg, the use of this yoga is beneficial in fibroid treatment.


5. Yoga Setu Bandhasana for Fibroids Treatment –

Setu Bandhasana yoga is a very good asana for uterine fibroid treatment. This yoga is also beneficial in the treatment of thyroid. To do this asana, first of all, lie down on your back by laying on a yoga mat and keep both your arms and legs straight. Now bend your legs from here on the knees and slowly move the hips up, Touch the heels of the feet with both your hands. You do this asana for 10 to 15 seconds and again come to the starting position, you have to do this 2 to 3 times. 

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