Your Ultimate Guide to Houses for Sale in Dubai: Get Your Dream House

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Hidden within the heart of the UAE is Dubai, an ultimate city of superlatives. Dubai presents itself as a global figure head symbolised by its skyscrapers. Congratulations! You are one step closer to owning a house in this dynamic emirate!. Welcome to our ultimate handbook that shall guide you through selling a house in Dubai. Whether it would be the grand estates within luxurious neighbourhoods or modern townhouses sitting comfortably within a community of families, we plan to arm you with the right information that will help you navigate through the diverse nature of the thriving Dubai real estate.


Introduction to the Dubai Real Estate Market.

Dubai’s Real Estate Appeal

For one, it is considered an investment destination with good returns by many people in the world. It’s important to know why Dubai’s real estate market stands out, before diving into house hunting.

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Two Kinds House at Dubai.

Villas: Mostly large houses built on an open land or with their own garden and facilities.

Townhouses: These are usually within gated communities that offer a balance between privacy and communal living.

Popular Neighbourhoods

Dubai’s neighbourhoods cater for different tastes – you have buzzing Downtown Dubai and peaceful Arabian Ranches among others. Every place is unique in its own way.


Legalities of purchasing a house in Dubai.

Freehold vs. Leasehold

Both freehold and leasehold properties are available in Dubai. With freehold properties, you own rights on the land and with leasehold you have to sign long term agreements.

Property Laws

It is crucial to understand the laws and regulations of property in Dubai. Talk to an experienced ANW real estate agent or a lawyer for assistance.

Property Financing

House-Buyers of Dubai Have Financing Options. When getting a mortgage, ensure you have all the relevant documents and financial figures arranged in order.

The House-Hunting Process


Decide on a budget considering the value of the property, relevant taxes and further charges. Remember you have money limitations.

Selecting a Real Estate Agent.

Find a good Real Estate Agent whose specialisation is on the type of property that interests you. These are very insightful and accelerate the search procedure.

Property Viewing

Ensure that you see houses in terms of critical issues like where it is located, its state, what features are there and possibilities of value increase on this.

Types of Houses in Dubai


Luxury Villas: High end homes in elite residential areas such as Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Hills.

Family Villas: Large homes within communal living areas such as Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah Park.

Contemporary Villas: Contemporary Design, Sleek Styling, Cutting Edge Amenities.

Arabic-Style Villas: Those properties included Arabic architecture elements.


Gated Communities: The townhouses are provided within secure compounds and have common facilities.

Contemporary Townhouses: Clean-lines modern design opening spaces.

Spanish-Style Townhouses: Courtyards and terraces in a Mediterranean style of architecture.


Costs and Fees

Property Price

The prices of properties in Dubai are determined by their location, size and type. Investigate the current sales and market dynamics to assess property value.

Property Registration Fees

Remember also to include charges for property registration which usually range on an average percentage between 4%.

Service Charges

The maintenance of a common facility is covered by service charges in a gated community. Consider those fees when preparing your home budget.


The Buying Process

Making an Offer

Use your real estate agent to submit an offer. This may be followed by negotiations, up to a point whereby both parties arrive at an agreed selling price.

Legal Procedures

Ask your legal adviser to examine the title deed and ownership history of the property.

Property Valuation

Property appraisal necessary for mortgage approval. This can be done through an appraisal of the house.


Closing the Deal

Transfer of Ownership

Once the buyer fulfils all the necessary legal and financial obligations the ownership of the property is passed on to them.

Handover and Key Collection

During this stage, the keys are handed over after which the developer/seller completes a “handover” inspection of the premises.

Moving In

Plan your move-in date, and have your telephone and electrical service ready.


Maintenance and Community Living

Home Maintenance

Develop a plan for continuous upkeep and repair costs.

Community Facilities

Visit the local amenities such as parks, schools, shopping malls, health care providers, and others.



Dubai’s residential property market provides various types of ready-to-move-in homes suiting different tastes and ways of living. There is an array of options ranging from posh estates in affluent districts to modern duplexes in warm and welcoming neighbourhoods. With this knowledge of the market, law and the purchasing process, a person can start searching for a home in Dubai without fear. From investment opportunities and rental apartments to dream homes and commercial properties, Dubai’s bustling property sector teems with possibilities.


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